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Cremated    Harry Maxwell Badders (d. 7 Nov 2004)

Cremated    Dolores Dawn Albin (d. 28 Sep 2005)

    Dorothy Brooking Inglis (d. 29 Jan 2000)
Vernay Numsen Reindollar, II (d. 18 May 2007)

    Harry T. Reindollar (d. 24 Aug 1872)
Beulah Bell Basehoar
Beulah Bell Basehoar
Photograph and information courtesy of Susan Schlack. Headstone is located between two buildings at Larson's Motel. This is across the road from the Seminary, and adjacent to Lee's Headquarters Museum. 
Located    Beulah Bell Basehoar (d. 5 Dec 1880)