Cemeteries and Headstones in Two Taverns, Adams Co., Pennsylvania, USA

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)

Located    Emma Bowers (d. 1 Aug 1942)
George Smith (d. 20 Feb 1935)
Minnie K. Smith (d. 1894)

Located    Edward Pius Breighner (d. 11 Aug 1957)
Mary Naomi Collins (d. 5 Oct 1949)

Located    Frederick Nevin Breighner (d. 27 Jun 1970)
Dora B. Hill (d. 16 Jan 1983)

Located    Abbie M. Rudisill (d. 26 Feb 1951)
Harry A. Snyder (d. 16 Dec 1940)

Located    Cora Rose Ella Miller (d. 5 Oct 1973)

Located    Charles D. Trostle (d. 14 Jan 1959)

Located    Mabel A. Miller (d. 13 Sep 1973)
George Patterson (d. 29 Jun 1946)

Located    Nellie C. Osborne (d. 14 Aug 1964)
Lloyd T. Snyder (d. 24 Feb 1964)

Located    Margie E. Snyder (d. 17 May 1989)
Charles C. Wolfe (d. 1967)

Located    Kenneth C. Wolfe (d. 22 Jul 1991)

Located    Sarah Gertrude Miller (d. 16 Nov 1892)

Located    Walter Lindaman Miller (d. 18 Jul 1926)

Located    Velma C. Smith (d. 11 Sep 1993)

Not yet located    Dallas C. Harner (d. 8 Feb 1936)
Martha Jane Myers (d. 6 Dec 1906)

Located    Ethel P. Bair (d. 30 Oct 1950)
Stewart Dallas Harner (d. 11 Sep 1962)

Located    Moses Trostle (d. 24 Jan 1899)

Located    Louisa Anna Hussler (d. 9 Feb 1879)

Located    Minnie A. Conover (d. 4 Jun 1942)
Charles Grant Shanebrook (d. 20 May 1937)

Located    Edward Frances Straley (d. 5 May 1926)
Laura Lucy Ann Topper (d. 27 Oct 1937)

Located    Catherine Miller (d. 9 Feb 1920)
Jesse W. Snyder (d. 25 Apr 1918)

Located    Simon Peter Miller (d. 9 Jun 1934)

Located    Rose Ella Sheely (d. 19 Mar 1914)
Beulah Romaine Shildt <BR>
Charles William Miller
Beulah Romaine Shildt
Charles William Miller

Located    Charles William Miller (d. 11 Jan 1973)
Beulah Romaine Shildt (d. 12 Feb 1988)
Edna E. Wherley <BR>
Paul Ellsworth Miller
Edna E. Wherley
Paul Ellsworth Miller

Located    Paul Ellsworth Miller (d. 18 Oct 1966)
Edna E. Wherley (d. 29 Apr 1941)
Malcolm Alexander Miller
Malcolm Alexander Miller
His wife Edna is buried nearby in an unmarked grave. 
Located    Edna Margaret Harman (d. Jul 2001)
Malcolm Alexander Miller (d. 7 Oct 1955)
Malcolm Paul Miller
Malcolm Paul Miller
Headstone was stolen. His grave is close to his father, Malcolm A. Miller. 
Unmarked    Malcolm Paul Miller (d. 9 Jun 1944)
Sarah C. Miller <BR>
Luther D. Patterson
Sarah C. Miller
Luther D. Patterson

Located    Sarah C. Miller (d. 17 Feb 1956)
Luther D. Patterson (d. 30 Sep 1968)
Susan S. Carl <BR>
Jacob A. Miller
Susan S. Carl
Jacob A. Miller

Located    Susan S. Carl (d. 12 Nov 1924)
Jacob A. Miller (d. 8 Nov 1919)